Movement Techie Gathering at Highlander

The Movement Techie Gathering will take place at Highlander in New Market, TN, starting on Friday, May 12th @ 9am Eastern through Sunday, May 14th @ 2pm Eastern. Travel day is Thursday, May 11th and arrival is anytime after 4pm Eastern.

The idea for the gathering grew out of the Digital Security gathering hosted by the Media Democracy Fund, Open Society Foundation, and Ford Foundation in NYC in March of 2017. At that gathering, many of the folks on the frontlines of the movement realized that while we appreciated the opportunity to have a shared space to begin to have some critical conversations about the role of technology in shaping the terrain of our movement, we needed to have a truly movement led and centered space to have these critical conversations with the fullness that we felt was absolutely necessary. It was decided that a convening at Highlander could provide the space needed to continue building deep and trusting relationships with the strength and unity required to enact our strategic plans to bring about a cultural shift that places life at the center of our world, instead of profit.


Our movement is engaged in a deep struggle for justice on many fronts as we fight against police violence and prisons, for immigrant rights, for climate justice, against corporate greed, for queer and transgender safety and rights, against gentrification, for indigenous sovereignty and many other crucial movements in both global and local contexts. It has become incredibly clear that the role of technology has always and will continue to play a massive role in shaping the terrain and conditions within which we must navigate.


Purpose for this gathering is to work towards: 

1) Identifying the principles and programs that will shift the cultural conditions around tech in our favor

2) Identifying joint work that we can undertake together which will support one another’s struggles

3) Begin laying the foundation for a network that can help our movement share resources and learnings around community and movement self-defense with regard to tech

4) Learning from and connect what we are doing in the US to the work of movement techies elsewhere


Goals & outcomes for the gathering include: 

  • Build relationships that are deep and strong and can withstand over time
  • Identify further alignment about what we want/what we are fighting for
  • Identify strategies and methods of community and movement technological self-defense to share, including beginning to develop a network that can be used to securely communicate lessons, experiences, and knowledge to strengthen the digital security practices within our movement
  • Move toward establishing a clear and strong movement techie force and building our power.
May 12th, 2017 8:00 AM   through   May 14th, 2017 1:00 PM
1959 Highlander Way
New Market, TN 37820
Phone: 301.379.5529